The IT&T GmbH

The IT&T GmbH is a young company founded by inventive minds in 2010 and is already past making its baby steps. The brilliant minds behind IT&T have already been working for more than 10 years in the development of IT solutions, starting with their first steps in training, moving on to more elaborate tasks afterwards and eventually completing larger projects independently.

IT&T specializes in colocation and cloud services. We combine well thought-out concepts and the necessary expertise for their realization to customized solutions for each client. Our in-house development department testifies to that fact because at IT&T you won't be forced into tight clothes, our products are tailored to measure. Websites, web applications, in-house systems and much more is created in our development department. We have a sympathetic ear to your needs and specifically draft our solutions accordingly. That is an easy task for us because we are working with strong partners like Dell, Citrix, Parallels, Plesk and Cisco at our side. IT&T has the drive and aspiration to constantly improve itself and its products which is why we put great emphasis on energy efficiency. Employing resources efficiently to save energy and reduce costs at the same time is important to us and we commit ourselves to it every day.